Keyhole Dental Implant

The "Keyhole" or Flapless approach to place the dental implant is a common technique. It is used in the situation the surgeon is confident about the amount of the underlying bone and minimally invasive technique can be used. It allows to avoid extensive incisions, prevent tissue trauma and post-surgical discomfort, eliminate post-operative pain. In order to place the implant small punch is done and implant is inserted under local anesthesia, what usually saves time and discomfort to the patient. There is no downtime and the patient to return to work immediately. A fixed temporary teeth may also be placed in select cases.

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Key Features

  • Stitchless procedure
  • Teeth in an hour
  • Replace single / multiple teeth
  • Quick Recovery
  • Latest technique
  • High success rate
  • USFDA and CE certified titanium Implants
Aesthetica is a pioneer in Keyhole dental implant surgery in Kolkata. About 80 percent of implants placed here are with minimally invasive dental implant surgery –in Kolkata. These tooth implants are the latest method used including the use of guided surgery in select cases

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